Who we are

We’re all about performance

These are exciting times, we have the latest tech, but more than that, we are people to talk to achieve a full understanding of your needs, followed by great customer service.

We are the tech & services group to streamline and turbocharge all of your sales and marketing processes anywhere in the world.

Boosting every stage of the sales funnel from lead capture, to nurture and on to sales follow up. Our tech joins all the dots and shortens the sales cycle.

With 40 years’ experience as pioneers in Database Marketing, the Web and CRM, our high-performance products and global contact centre services are designed to be easily set-up to achieve maximum sales and marketing performance for our clients.

Marketpoint prides itself on this refreshingly straightforward approach.

Our software

High performance starts here

There are a million apps and systems to choose from these days, but let’s get the basics right and help you manage the customer journey from website hits to visitors to your live events or webinars. We can even create new 3D spaces for you to add into the mix to speed the whole sales process.

The very latest cloud-based technologies allow our clients’ sales and marketing to perform all around the world. These days, unless businesses have good data, fast response and high-quality follow-up, then they will suffer massively.

Our services

Capacity to get the job done

Global Response Management, Lead Generation and Nurturing are the central services of our business, whether it’s to support our clients on multinational Product recalls, Charity flagship fundraising events or driving new leads through local Dealer networks. Our long experience, and extensive multinational contact centre network gives you world-wide reach whilst ensuring a local, personalised service. The final ingredient is centralised reporting on cloud-based dashboards to keep you finger on the pulse of your campaigns.

Marketpoint CRM

A cloud platform to support all your sales and marketing needs over 20 years

Your Marketing Database, CRM, eMarketing and Sales Force Automation needs in a single database configuration, all set-up and Account Managed for you.


When local is the key to performance

NACCENT was established in 1993 to create a powerful distributed Network of specialist Call Centres to span the world with high quality multilingual agents.

Marketpoint recall

Being prepared and reacting fast

The international response service that provides the latest digital resources to ensure that your recall or crisis is handled quickly, diligently and efficiently.

Marketpoint charities

A specialist market which demands a deep understanding and experience to deliver market leading performance

Marketpoint Charities provides a range of specialist database driven services from creating and hosting online registration forms, inbound call handling, monies processing, email response and Social Media management – all with full visibility via a specially developed version of Marketpoint CRM.


Taking your audience online & generating leads

Zuant grabs your customers’ interests wherever they are, with an easy online journey to the content they’re looking for – from presentations on the go, to lead capture at events, or providing product information in Retail or even 3D spaces!

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