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With over 30 years experience as pioneers in Database Marketing and CRM, Marketpoint can provide a bespoke package of high performance products and services for its clients, helping them to achieve maximum possible sales.

Our services are focused around three main performance factors:

NACCENT Global Contact Centre Network allows for a global reach, whilst ensuring a local, personalised service. So your data management, lead tracking and nurturing all happen locally, but our cloud-based technology platform allows you to view your progress and data live, anywhere in the world.

We also have a wealth of experience handling response management for charities’ fundraising events, so do take a look at our charity division to find out how we can help you.


Zuant is a mobile lead capture app exclusively designed for the iPad. It is an elegant and responsive native iOS app that can run with or without an internet connection.

Zuant allows you to:
•   Instantly capture leads by using the iPad camera to scan attendee badges
•   Create customizable questionnaires to qualify leads
•   Send ‘Thank You’ emails for immediate follow up / contact
•   Present, email and track company literature
•   View and download reports showing questionnaire results, staff-attendee interaction, and track literature uptake

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Marketpoint prides itself on its refreshingly straightforward approach and wealth of experience, so why not contact us today for a more in depth discussion of how we can help your business.

Peter Gillett




Peter Gillett,
Managing Director.