Marketpoint Response


Ensure every customer and enquirer receives a swift, professional response with a Marketpoint Response Management System, and make the most of every new inquiry the moment it pops into view.

Response Management and Lead Qualification are more crucial than ever to maintain your company’s brand reputation, particularly as take-up of Social Media in a B2B context becomes more widespread. In this new environment, responses need to be instant; if the response is handled badly or a swift reply is not forthcoming, a good brand reputation can be damaged or even destroyed almost instantly.

B2B customers today expect a joined-up fast response management service to match that of the B2C world. And, even worse, if things go wrong and you don’t have a response management system in place, bad news can spread like a wildfire over social media platforms like blogs, Twitter and YouTube, potentially damaging your brand reputation as you scrabble about trying to react.

What we offer

The Marketpoint Global Call Centre Network can provide you with the perfect response management solution. Operating as a Virtual Contact Centre with cloud based CRM and telephony to link together each local country call centre, our dedicated agents can directly update an inquirer’s database record and quickly and systematically feed sales leads to the appropriate sales executive for follow up.

A Marketpoint Response Management System also covers the wide range of channels B2B customers use to communicate today, including:

  • Email
  • Web
  • Chat
  • Telephone
  • Face to Face
  • Mail 

This joined-up approach to response management is the most efficient and cost effective way of providing superb ‘global-but-local’ service. It also provides the tools to produce timely and fully qualified leads to boost the performance of your sales teams.