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There's always time to START

With recalls seemingly a regular occurrence in the media these days, there’s clearly a need for companies to prepare for the worst case scenario, either a recall or a crisis affecting your organisation. As we’ve seen, brand reputation, customer loyalty and sales revenue are all at tremendous risk – every stakeholders’ nightmare. Luckily there’s a way to limit the damage; cue Marketpoint Recall!

Presented as a contingency plan service, Marketpoint Recall offer the whole package of ingredients to help companies create a START* team in readiness for a recall or crisis. Its network of global call centres can communicate with customers in any language – ideal any industry, dealing across continents and with customers around the world.

The START Package ensures you are fully resourced in key areas – good for stress levels but also helping you to protect your brand, make clear data led decisions and improve what could otherwise be a tarnished relationship with your customers.



Sarah Labban