Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the final frontier in extracting maximum R.O.I. from your marketing communications budget by ensuring your lead opportunities are never wasted.

Any prospective B2B buyer likes to make service inquiries without having sales pressure exerted upon them. The opportunity of nurturing those potential B2B leads is however too often wasted, throwing away what can actually provide some of the highest R.O.I.

A diagram of B2B marketing-generated lead ratios:

Diagram of typical lead ratios

Beyond the 5% sales opportunities that should be handled by a Response Management System, there are typically a further 20% that are all potential lead opportunities, but not immediately in the buying cycle. However, companies often don’t have lead nurturing systems in place or simply haven’t allocated resources to chase up the leads, resulting in a significant amount of lost business.

What we offer

Marketpoint’s Lead Nurturing Service puts the potential lead opportunities that your sales team has generated into the hands of our highly trained call center agents, freeing up your sales people to focus on the concrete sales opportunities.

Our dedicated agents nurture those potential customers, meaning that no lead opportunity is wasted, and when the lead becomes ‘hot’, your sales people take over and secure the sale.

The database-driven focus of our lead nurturing system means that you can keep track of your leads and receive customised reports on our progress with potential customers.

Ultimately, our lead nurturing service saves your sales people time and effort and ensures that leads in the pipeline are never lost.

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