Data Cleaning

Unclean data costs you time and money – A┬ámessy database full of duplicate records and missing information means that your sales and marketing team will be forced to spend time looking for the most up to date information on a contact, when they could be putting their time to better use generating leads and selling products for your company.

What is the solution?

Marketpoint’s data cleaning service sifts through your database in a multi-step process leaving you with a smaller, cleaner database. Armed with correct, current data, your sales and marketing team will be able to get on with chasing sales leads uninhibited by messy records.


How does it work?

The data cleaning process begins with a data audit that automatically removes
exactly duplicated records, merging data into a single new recordYou are presented with a snapshot report of your database,
indicating where gaps exist in your dataA manual de-dupe process then inspects your database and removes all remaining duplications
as well as automatically populating your database with missing data where possibleA second data audit reveals your new smaller, cleaner database with no duplications remaining
You take the data and overwrite your CRM database and your sales
people can enjoy their streamlined database

How can I find out more?