Tradeshow blog roundup for August / September

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Bringing you a few of the best tradeshow blog pieces from August and a bit of September…

Just like paper lead forms at a tradeshow, there are always reams of tradeshow blog pieces about online. For my roundup, I’ve picked just a few of the best ones to highlight to you what’s going on right now in the industry as well as some great nuggets of advice from events experts.

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“One Reason Exhibitors Hate your Conference or Tradeshow”(Aug 29th 2011)

A passionate (read: angry) plea from Keith Johnston for convention centers to stop massively over-charging for Wi-Fi at convention centers. The piece includes a sheet of costs from a large convention center, and one commenter points out that to rent a 50’ Cat 5E patch cable is $62 at the center, but it would be $6.25 to buy it from Amazon – that is an astronomical 992% markup! Well worth a read but a *word of warning – a few expletives in this one!*

“I would call this unethical, immoral, disgusting and even illegal in some parts…yet no one does a thing about it, it has been this way for years and it is not going to change anytime soon. We are like sheep.”

Read here in full: Why Exhibitors Hate your Tradeshow

“Can the Trade Show Industry Innovate or Are We Just Too Damn Tired?” (Aug 29th 2011)

Another ardent blog piece, this time from Michelle Bruno's ‘Fork in the Road’ blog arguing that the trade show industry is essentially stagnating. Michelle points to a raft of facts to back this up including, which doesn’t make positive reading, but she does go on to suggest what we should be doing about it.

“Innovation does not necessarily mean technology adoption. All the apps in the world will not save an industry whose value proposition is muddy. Innovation requires a concerted, transparent, industry-wide effort…”

Read in full here: Innovation in the Tradeshow Industry

“10 Things NOT to do in your Social Media Tradeshow and Event Marketing” (Sep 6th 2011)

Now for something completely different, a short but sweet video post from 'Tradeshow Guy' Tim Patterson looking at the things to avoid with social media events marketing. His very common sense recommendations include things many of us are guilty of, take this extract, transcribed from the video:

“Don’t be posting to Facebook or Twitter without knowing why, what are you saying, who are you reaching out to? I think thoughtless tweets and Facebook posts are worse than no posts at all, so be conscious about what you’re tweeting why.”

For more tips, the video and blog is here: 10 things not to do with Tradeshow Marketing

“The Foolproof Way to Measure you Tradeshow R.O.I”(23rd Aug 2011)

A mathematical approach to calculating your tradeshow R.O.I next from Skyline’s Michael Thimmesch next – it could be a complex process, but might be worth it if you’re perpetually asked your tradeshow R.O.I and can’t give an answer!

“…It’s not rocket science to figure out your trade show ROI, just a lot of busy work (that you don’t have to do all by yourself).”

To calculate your tradeshow R.O.I visit this page: Calculating Tradeshow R.O.I

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Using social media at live events: best practice tips (31st August 2011)

The dangers of live broadcast of social media at events (and how to minimise them) are examined in this piece by Tamara Littleton from Econsultancy. Useful tips include different approaches to comment moderation, the need for (as near as possible) instant response to feedback and of course the all important contingency plan for when things go wrong.

“But organisers need to be wary. Live streaming left unmanaged can become a way for groups of users to hijack a brand, or, more often, to embarrass the brand by posting bad language or inappropriate content.”

For more, follow this link: Social Media at Live Events

How can show producers help exhibitors?(8th Aug 2011)

Tradeshow expert Traci Browne looks at how to help exhibitors exhibit without relying on a 500 page guide and a ton of forms. Look out for some interesting follow up comments from ‘Tradeshow Bob’ and Michael Thimmesch too.

Incidentally, Traci also hosts a weekly Twitter chat #expochat looking at all things Tradeshow which you should also check out on Wednesdays 3pm Eastern Time (10am GMT).

“Things like media lists we’ve developed to send press releases.  Areas on the website where they can upload documents, brochures, coupons, white-papers, etc. We give them the opportunity to create blog posts we’ll post on our blog for them and even give them an outline to create a good informative post.

Read on here: Helping Show Exhibitors

PR tips for Tradeshows (31st Aug 2011)

Lastly, a different twist on tradeshows with Alan Weinkrantz, with 10 tips looking at how to make your tradeshow presence known, before, during and after the show.

Don't just reach out to the media, create your own media…during and after the event, think of yourself as a journalist and do your own story telling in the context of what your company is doing at the show.”

For more tips visit here: PR Tips for Tradeshows

We’ve looked at a mixed bag of pieces, including a few fiery rebuffs to various sections of the tradeshow world and the people who inhabit it, I could’ve selected more too.

For example, I would have liked to include another piece by Traci Browne entitled ‘I’m sick and tired of exhibitors who don’t follow up’, a problem subject that frequently recurs that I covered in previous blog posts, but in the end I opted for some more advice-orientated, upbeat pieces instead!

Researching for this post revealed an even greater breadth of active commentary in the industry than I'd thought existed. With that in mind, perhaps someone could start up a discussion on the 'bigger picture' issues in the tradeshow industry and how we might endeavour solve them? Perhaps this could be the subject of a future #expochat? As I said at the beginning of the piece, any and all feedback is welcome!

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    Thanks so much for including me on your list. I loved the comment at the end about “in the end I opted for some more advice-orientated, upbeat pieces instead!” Yeah, I have a lot of snarky…not so much upbeat 😉