Marketpoint Data


Make life easier for your sales and marketing teams (and save money in recouped resources) with Marketpoint’s multi-step data cleaning process to leave you with a clean, well-maintained database. Vital for Modern Marketing performance and of course, the new GDPR regulations coming into force in 2018.

Unclean data costs time and money – a messy database full of duplicate records and missing information means that your sales and marketing team will be forced to spend time looking for the most up to date information on a contact, when they could be putting their time to better use generating leads and selling products for your company.

What's the solution?

Marketpoint’s data cleaning service sifts through your database in a multi-step process leaving you with a smaller, cleaner database. Armed with correct, current data, your sales and marketing team will be able to get on with chasing sales leads uninhibited by messy records. And don’t stop there; it is expensive to get your CRM database into top shape, so it’s important to then set-up a Marketpoint planned monthly maintenance program which checks for duplicates, missing information and gone-aways and hard bounces.


How can I find out more?

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